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      Company profile

      Shanghai XWME Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd. founded in 1998

      Shanghai XWME Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 1998 with a registered capital of RMB 18 million (existing assets of RMB 120 million and fixed assets of RMB 65 million ), is a high-tech enterprise which excels at modern management and specializes in lifting rigging, whose application for Shanghai High-tech Enterprises is being processed.
      Area (㎡)
      Assets (ten thousand yuan)
      Company Employees (people)
      Research staff (people)


      The company produces an array of products such as hooks, cross beams, lifting device trailer,high cube container lifting device, wire rope rigging, chain rigging sets, lifting rigging, metallurgical lifting clamp and electric lifting device and some prod
      Wire Rope Series
      Wire Rope Rigging Series
      Rigging Forging Series
      Soft Lifting Rigging Series
      Chain Rigging Series
      Anchor Chain and Accessories
      Container Fastener Series
      Steel Plate Clamp Series
      Hoisting Fixture Series
      Lifting Tool Series
      Tackle Series


      The Technology Center owns advanced two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD R&D and design system,
      three laser scanner, ANSYS intensity simulation system and has a comprehensive R&D and production capability for the production


      Shanghai XWME Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is hoping to enlist more commercial and technical investment and cooperation,
      achieve mutual development on the basis of equality and win-win and develop international market.

      86.7 tons of CIIE exhibits berthed at Yangshan Port at night, guarded by Shanghai Public Security

      At 23:00 on the evening of October 21, the Panamanian "Mediterranean Camille Wheel" carrying the gantry machine tool of the "Giant Class" exhibits from Spain's Nicolas Correa of this CIIE berthed at the third phase of Yangshan Port. The total weight of the exhibits 86.7 tons, packed in 10 containers, arrived in Shanghai by sea and shipped to the exhibition hall for assembly.